Founded in 1958
"Ida Nagurado Kuriyama Orthopedic clinic"

For those who have trouble with bruising, spraining, muscle strain, dislocation, bone fracture, contusion, etc.
Please feel free to contact us.

Community-based and value friendliness
There is a kids space

Injuries from traffic accidents and sports
Aim for improvement and early recovery

About our hospital

元住吉の「井田名倉堂栗山接骨院」です。 一人ひとりの希望・要望に合わせて、
その方に一番最適な治療をご提案いたします。 患者様にとって最適な治療環境を整えるために、
近隣の病院施設と密接な連携を取り合っております。 院内にキッズスペースを設けており、
Mothers and fathers with children are also safe.
We also have a home visit so please feel free to contact us.

Do you have problems like this?

  • Body pain such as waist and knee for many years
  • As well as taking pain
    I want to cure it fundamentally, but what should I do ...
  • I got injured in sports, but I want to continue to heal
  • My neck was struck by a car accident
  • I hurt my back when trying to lift a heavy load
  • Arms do not rise

Treatment menu

Kuriyama Orthopedic clinic

Kuriyama Orthopedic clinic

Please feel free to contact us.
If you are new to the clinic, please visit us directly.

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Beauty salon Laule'a

[Adjunct]Beauty salon Laule'a

To women who want to shine forever.
Maintains skin and nails

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