Insurance medical treatment

Manual treatment

It gives moderate stimulation to remove body stiffness and tension, and adjusts the movements of muscles and joints to relieve physical disorders.
It also has the effect of removing pressure on nerves and blood vessels and smoothing the circulation of blood and lymph.
You can expect effects such as pain relief, blood flow improvement, and joint function recovery.

Bandage fixation

The main purpose of bandage fixation is to fix the affected area when a bone fracture, dislocation, or sprain has occurred, and to promote recovery by pressing on damaged soft tissue.
The bandage will slip if not wrapped correctly, and if tightly wrapped it may cause blood stasis.
Correctly bandaging and fixing the affected area will greatly change the time to healing.

Microwave therapy

The effect of microwaves promotes blood circulation by warming from the deep part of the body, suppresses the generation of pain-causing substances that cause pain, and restores the surrounding tissues.
It is often used to treat knees and elbows, and can be expected to have effects such as relieving pain from neuralgia and muscle aches, fatigue recovery, and muscle stiffness relief.

Low frequency treatment

This is a treatment in which a current with a similar nature to bioelectricity is sent to the human body at a certain rhythm and the muscles are massaged and loosened by electrical stimulation.
The hardened muscles in the affected area are softened and the blood flow is promoted, allowing the painful pain-causing substances to flow out. Effective for muscle pain, neuralgia, arthralgia, stiff shoulders, fatigue recovery, etc.

Various rehabilitation and life guidance

We will provide training to recover and strengthen weakened physical function, and rehabilitation for functional recovery from accidents and injuries.
We also provide stretching that can be done at home and guidance on lifestyle to maintain good health.

Insurance fee list

First time (first inspection)From the second time
10% burdenOne part ¥ 550 ~One part ¥ 100 ~
20% burdenOne part ¥ 850 ~One part ¥ 200 ~
30% burdenOne part ¥ 1,150 ~One part ¥ 300 ~

Out-of-pocket treatment


Recommended for those who are concerned about posture and distortion, and those who have severe stiff shoulders.
By shaking the entire spine, the tension of the muscles is lightened and the spinal nerves in the spine can be relaxed, so the nerves are nourished and the condition of the whole body is adjusted.

Autonomic nerve coordination (MCC)

Autonomic nerves refer to sympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nerves, and if the balance between the two is disturbed, it is easy for the internal function and fatigue to accumulate.
A weak electric current is sent from both hands and feet, and parasympathetic nerves, which have the effect of relaxing the autonomic nerves, dominate and regulate the whole body.
Recommended for people with various symptoms such as "insomnia," "headache," "those who tend to accumulate tiredness," "those who have trouble falling asleep."

Fascia release therapy

The fascia is said to be the second skeleton and has recently been attracting attention. Hardening of the fascia and adhesion to the skin can cause pain and distortion.
By loosening (releasing) this fascia, it improves blood and lymph flow and improves symptoms such as pain.
Recommended for "those with severe pain", "those who cannot go to the hospital for work, etc.", "those who do not have pain forever", "those with strong muscles", and "forty-five shoulders".


Fascia release is also effective for swelling care.
The calf is said to be the second heart. Since fascia release has the effect of improving the flow of blood and lymph, it is recommended for people with chronic swelling, those with coldness, and those who have tired legs such as heels. My legs are refreshing! It also has the effect of thinning if you continue!

Personal stretch

It is a one-on-one stretch that matches the symptoms of each person who performs with the practitioner.
It's a bit different from stretching yourself! Approach muscles that cannot be stretched or deep muscles.
Recommended for people with chronic low back pain or stiff shoulders, those who want to feel refreshed, those who want to improve their sports performance, and those who have a heavy whole body.


Taping treatment

We will provide taping to those who need taping to prevent injuries, prevent recurrence, and improve performance before the game and in daily life.

Self-medical fee list

背骨整骨療法(全身調整)1回 ¥3,300 / 3回(回数券)¥9,000
Autonomic nerve coordination (MCC)1 time 2 minutes ¥ 200 / 6 times (count ticket) ¥ 1,000
5 minutes once ¥ 500 / 6 times (coupon ticket) ¥ 2,500
筋膜リリース療法(全身) 1回 ¥5,500 / 3回(回数券)¥15,000
筋膜リリース療法(各部位)1回 ¥550 ~ ¥1,000
フットケア1回 ¥1,980 / 3回(回数券)¥5,400
Personal stretch1回 ¥5,500 / 3回(回数券)¥15,000
パーソナルトレーニング1回 ¥800 / 3回(回数券)¥2,300
下肢筋肉強化プログラム2ヶ月通い放題 ¥8,000
1回 ¥2,000
肩こり or 腰痛1回 ¥3,300 / 3回(回数券)¥9,000
肩こり + 腰痛1回 ¥5,500 / 3回(回数券)¥15,000
マッサージ延長5分 ¥550
10分 ¥1,000
20分 ¥1,800
電気治療延長5分 ¥300
10分 ¥550
15分 ¥800