About our hospital

It is a bone grafting clinic that opened in 1958.
Being loved by the locals, we have run in Nakahara Ward, Kawasaki City.

If you are suffering from injury treatment or sports injuries or sports disorders, please come to our hospital.
In order for the patient's symptoms to be alleviated as soon as possible,
After a careful interview and explanation to each person, we will provide the treatment suitable for that person.

Features of Ida Nagurado Kuriyama Bone Institute


Injury treatment

We will make an interview with you to check the condition and provide the best treatment for the patient.
Please feel free to contact us because we will not only cure the pain from the root, but will also propose treatment according to the wishes and requests of the patient.


Sports disorder

We support tendon and muscle injuries and trauma caused by repetitive exercise.
We will do our best to support you to return to the competition as soon as possible. Patients, let's work together in our hospital!


Traffic accident treatment

We will make sufficient judgments for injuries and injuries caused by complicated traffic accidents and provide treatment according to the symptoms.



For those who have difficulty in going out due to pain or who cannot go to the hospital due to lack of transportation
We will provide treatment at home. Please contact us by phone for details on the day of the week, time, and treatment details.
Feel free to contact us as you can visit areas such as Motosumiyoshi, Musashikosugi, Hiyoshi, Shin Maruko, and Takatsu Ward.

We have a kids space

We are fully equipped with a kids' space.

Since it is installed near the treatment site in the hospital,
Even if your child becomes anxious, you can be near by without inconvenience!
We have fun DVDs so you can spend your time without getting bored!

Introduction of Director

DirectorKuriyama Akio


I have been working at Kanai Orthopedic Surgery in Ikenohata, Ueno for 5 years since 1969, and I am currently treated by my second son and my third son.

Reconstructed in December 2015, it has become a bright, clean consultation room based on a modern, three-story, steel-framed greenery.

Focusing on medical massage, patients faced with problems such as “I had given up on shoulder and lower back pain for many years,” “I want to radically cure rather than just take pain” and “I want to cure while continuing sports”. Treatment will be provided according to the person's condition so that the symptom of symptom may be relieved as soon as possible.

Our hospital also cooperates with specialized medical institutions. While checking the examination and diagnosis with a specialist as necessary, we try to provide careful explanation and safe medical treatment.

Staff photo

Staff introduction

Takayuki Kuriyama


After obtaining the national qualification, I have studied for 6 years in orthopaedics in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, to examine various injuries and to perform treatments that suit the patient.

As a third generation, we try to provide treatments that are tailored to each patient and treatments that can be enjoyed and continued, with a clear explanation of post-treatment explanations and guidance and management of lifestyle habits.

Please consult the Ida Naguradou Kuriyama Bone Institute if you have any concerns about an injury such as a traffic accident!

Staff photo